New: Raw protein superfood powders

New: Raw protein superfood powders

Find out more about Lifefood’s new protein powders – truly raw and seed-based, available in three different flavours, and usable in a thousand different ways. For daily application and for EVERYONE!

Green Vanilla, Cacao Spirulina and Fruit Antiox 

Those are the names of Lifefood Raw Vegan Protein Powders, sophisticatedly enriched by selected superfoods to reinforce the nutritional content of the product. We spent quite some time carefully selecting and precisely combining the best plant proteins we could find, in order to obtain the best possible and most natural amino acid ratio achievable in the context of rawfood vegan quality. Their protein content varies from 30% to 46% and comes from hemp, sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds, and barley grass juice. They’re a way of enhancing your daily diet with the purest protein nature can give.

Do you think of proteins solely in connection with the gym? Or that, if you don’t do demanding sports or bodybuilding, protein drinks aren’t for you? Are you afraid that, if you take them, you’ll turn into a fitness freak? Well, stop worrying! Lifefood’s raw proteins and superfoods have been specially developed as a food supplement that can benefit absolutely anyone.

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Flavours and Usage

All you need to do with Lifefood Raw Protein Powders is add water, because all the fruit and superfood is already in the powder. You can also blend it with bananas to make a shake, or add it to almond or hemp milk.

Our protein mixes don’t vary much in the amounts of protein, but in additional ingredients like the superfoods.”, reveals Tereza. One includes cacao and spirulina algae, whilst others include fruits that are known to be rich in antioxidants, like raspberries, baobab or cranberries.

The Raw Protein Green Vanilla includes barley grass juice and maca and it’s really nice. It’s my personal favourite, as it’s green, alkalizing, apetite-calming and allows me to consume maca. Usually I can’t even put maca in my mouth, no matter what, not even in smoothies. The Raw Protein Green Vanilla contains 4% of maca and so I’ll drink it!” she laughs.

Maca is already well known in the bodybuilding world, and the barley grass juice – with all its benefits and 30% of pure plant protein – makes the Green Vanilla flavour even more popular.

3 benefits of Lifefood Raw Protein

We asked Lifefood founder Tereza what she considers the most important benefits of Lifefood Raw Protein Powders. This is her answer:

1. “Easier to digest!”

“Lifefood Raw Protein Powders are based on seeds. I’ve talked to many vegan bodybuilders, and several of them said they’re not keen on pea, soy or rice protein powders, because they cause indegestion. That’s not even mentioning all the bloating problems that can arise from the use of non-vegan protein powders (based on whey).

Lifefood Raw Protein Powder is more easily digested, because it’s a whole food, is totally unprocessed and is based on seeds – mixtures of hemp, sunflower,  pumpkin and chia seed protein.”

2. “For daily Use!”

“If you want to use this protein for recovery after hardcore training, it may need to be used in bigger quantities in order to get the same results as you’d get from pea protein. Certain amino acids aren’t there in the same quantity and you can’t build as much muscle as you could with the pea protein.

But that’s not really the purpose of our protein. Lifefood Raw Protein is considered a very good protein for use on a daily basis, throughout the day, and for adding protein to your diet. It’s especially good if high quality fresh vegetables aren’t available. We’re intending it for people who want to have a pure, natural product that’s easily assimilated by the body.”

3. “Supports weight loss!”

“I’d also like to address all those women out there who are trying to lose weight. For me the one and only way to lose weight is simply by building up muscle. The general idea that women shouldn’t build muscle is just wrong! A woman will never look bulky, unless she uses hormones and steroids.

The best way to lose weight is to exercise and train in such a way that you build muscle, because that burns more energy than anything else. So, with the same amount of calories consumed, you burn much more. Putting it simply, a good amount of protein, in combination with physical exercise, is excellent for losing weight.”

Lifefood Raw Protein Powder – Green Vanilla 

Superfoods Raw Protein Green Vanilla


Green Vanilla combines the enzyme and mineral power of nutritious green barley juice with the bodybuilding potential of maca. Based on hemp, sunflower and pumpkin seed proteins, Vanilla Green is characterised by the sweet taste of lucuma and vanilla powder. It has the highest protein content of all our powders. Mix with water and use as a recovery drink after your sports training or in between meals.

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Lifefood Raw Protein Powder – Cacao Spirulina 

Superfoods Raw Protein_Cacao Spirulina


A harmonious combination of the superpower properties of raw cacao and the nutritional value of spirulina. Enjoy this plant protein drink – which is based on hemp, sunflower, chia and pumpkin seed proteins – in smoothies, nut milk drinks and juices, or just simply with water. Together with a hint of lucuma and the sweet taste of banana, you get a smooth chocolate flavour. Perfect for anyone who wants to add more sweetness to their protein drinks.

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Lifefood Raw Protein Powder – Fruit Antiox 

Superfoods Raw Protein Fruit


Fruit Antiox combines the antioxidant power and vitamin content of baobab, raspberries, beetroot, cranberries and strawberries with protein-rich seed powders like hemp, sunflower, chia and pumpkin. Banana gives the mix an extra amount of potassium and a gentle sweetness. Use this raw, wholefood protein drink on the go or at home, before or after exercise.

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