“Cookies” are text-only pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive or other website-browsing equipment for record-keeping purposes. These Cookies allow the Site to remember important information that is used for the functioning of the site, for analytical purposes, saving your preferences, offers of relevant ads etc., which will make your use of the site more convenient. The usage of cookies depends on specific cookies and applications.

We use the following types of Cookies

1) Session Cookies

Session Cookies are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser only until you leave the site and serve only for the proper functioning of the e-shop. We do not recommend to disable cookies, you will not be able to make purchases at the e-shop.

2) Third-party cookies

We use analytical services of third sides. Their cookies do not contain direct information about you, but monitor your behavior on the site and your shopping preferences. This data is connected to your computer IP address and is used for analytical purposes. They are similar to Google Analytics, Google Shopping and Facebook Pixel Cookies.

We do not use Cookies that would directly store your personal data.

How to refuse Cookies

You can block cookies in your browser. Keep in mind that blocking your cookies will always present some limitations. By fully blocking Cookies, you will restrain the site from functioning and you will not be able to make purchases in the e-shop. By Blocking your cookies you will not provide us with data for business analyses and the advertisement on the web will show only generic results instead of products which interest you.