Sunflower Seeds meeting Mango Sky

Delicious dessert with sprouted sunflower seeds and fresh fruits.
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30 minutes

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Sunflower Seeds meeting Mango Sky

Raw Organic Chia Seeds

250 g pack size

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Sunflower Seeds meeting Mango Sky

Raw Organic Maca Powder

220 g pack size

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In advance 

 Soak Lifefood sunflower seeds in water for about 6 hours. Drain and let them germinate for about 24 hours. Don’t forget to rinse them twice.

Put the pulp of mango and orange in your blender. Add the dates, chia seeds, maca powder, coconut oil and ground vanilla. Mix it into a delicious mango cream. Enjoy every moment.

Just before serving, put the germinated sunflower seeds and the mango cream in layers into a glass or bowl. Now your raw dessert is ready! Decorate it with blueberries or other seasonal fruits and make it a real eye-catcher. Made with love!

The given amount serves 2 people.

Lifefood Tip

For those who like it sweet we recommend to use more dates depending on the sweetness of your fresh fruits.

Mango 1
Orange 1
Date(s) Lifefood Product 2
Chia Seeds Lifefood Product 2 tsp
Maca Powder Lifefood Product 2 tsp
Ground Vanilla little bit of
Virgin Coconut Oil Lifefood Product 1 tsp
Sunflower Seeds Lifefood Product 4 tbsp
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