Pumpkin Seeds & Quinoa Crackers

A savory snack in-between meals.
Pumpkin Recipes
30 minutes

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Pumpkin Seeds & Quinoa Crackers

Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds

100 g pack size

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Finely grind pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds. Take germinated quinoa as well as water and mix it all together. Feel free to season the mixture with salt.

Now set the dough aside and let it soak for about 15 minutes.

Next spread the dough on a tray and dehydrate for 20 hours. Now you can break the cracker into small pieces and serve it.

Pumpkin Seeds Lifefood Product 200 g
Brown Flax Seeds Lifefood Product 60 g
Quinoa 80 g
Water 400 ml
Himalayan Pink Salt
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