Courgette Kelp Rolls

A different way to eat your salad. Kids love it!
20 minutes

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Courgette Kelp Rolls

Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds

100 g pack size

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Cut the carrots and celery into fine sticks.

Slice the courgette lengthwise. Add some salt to soften them so they are easily rollable.

Soak the kelp 10 to 30 mn in water.

Cut each courgette slice in 3 pieces and arrange them one on top of the other but covering half the previous one. Arrange the vegetable sticks on top of them but in the other direction. Add the kelp flakes. Then roll tightly.

The given amounts correspond to 5 rolls.


Mix the pumpkin seeds with the water, salt and spices. 

Pour on top of the rolls or serve separately in little bowls.

Enjoy every moment !

Carrot(s) 50 g
Celeriac 20 g
Courgette(s) 1
Kelp Flakes Lifefood Product 15 g
Pumpkin Seeds Lifefood Product 30 g
Herb Salt 2 pinch of
Indian Curry 1 tsp
Oriental Spices 1 heaping tsp
Water 55 ml
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