Veganuary: An abundance of recipes, tips and tricks

Veganuary: An abundance of recipes, tips and tricks

Vegan January is here again!

Veganuary - Vegan January. Maybe you've already heard about it. It has been a month-long vegan celebration since 2014 and more and more people are joining in – leading a strictly vegan lifestyle for the entire month of January. You can become a part of the world community here

Articles, recipes and products

That's why we're here – to support you and bring inspiration to help you in your transition to become vegan – all year around, not only for the month of January. Veganism is beneficial not only for our bodies, but for our planet as well. You can find many articles about this topic in our blog.

Get inspired by the countless delicious vegan and rawfood recipes in our online cookbook. All of these recipes are in truly RAW quality, which means the live food is never subjected to temperatures above 45º C, providing real support to the cells in our body. Because the nutrients in these foods are processed at such low temperatures, they aren't damaged by the heat, and so they support our immune system, strenghten our neurological system, correct our metabolism, and prevent illnesses.

We have chosen some of our products in the Promotions section for you to make your month of Veganuary even happier and joyful. None of our products contain added sugar, which means that they help balance your food intake and prevent sugar addiction.

Veganuary: An Abundance of Recipes, Tips and Tricks