7 habits that will make weight loss a breeze!

7 habits that will make weight loss a breeze!

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Add a little exercise to every day

Try biking to work instead of driving, or purposefully walk to where you would normally take public transportation. Adding cycling and walking as a part of your day increases productive activity instead of spending extra time and energy planning sport activities. A half-hour daily walk has been shown to have a number of benefits for the body. Blood vessels dilate, which improves circulation and strengthens the heart and lungs. Additionally, daily walks relieve stress levels, balance mental well-being, provide the brain with more oxygen and improve its rational functions. Aside from gaining fitness, blood pressure decreases and lessens the risk of developing diabetes.

Bet on quality protein

Do you want to lose weight? A quality protein will help you tremendously in your weight loss journey. Protein will satisfy you more than fats or carbohydrates, it will also alter food craving related hormone levels, thus helping you control the amount of food you eat. And if that wasn’t convincing enough, protein also promotes the growth and protection of muscle mass, so your body won't burn it for energy. Lastly, digesting protein burns the most calories out of any macronutrient!
Our proteins are 100% plant based, high in protein, fiber, and antioxidants. They will give your body the kick it deserves.

Plan lighter meals in the evenings to give your body time to properly digest

At night, while the body is asleep, it also slows down including its digestive system. Therefore, eating a lighter meal for dinner makes digestion easier for your body as opposed to for breakfast and lunch during the day. Additionally, the timing of your meals is particularly important. Ideally, you should eat your last meal of the day two to three hours before going to sleep. This will help prevent the risk of acid reflux and heartburn. Also, the ingested food is already digested, which maintains no unnecessary strain on the metabolism. It has been said that a gap of at least ten hours between dinner and breakfast is enormously beneficial in improving the body's functions. Furthermore, the blood sugar levels stabilize, which helps to counteract irritation.

Boost digestion

Did you know that eating something bitter before a meal can stimulate the production of gastric juices? Olives are ideal, as well as bitter herb tea or tonic water. Although olives are high in fat, they support the weight loss process. This is because they are low in calories while providing the body with necessary energy and filling you up quickly.

Start exercising and make exercise a habit

Start slowly at first and gradually make exercise a habit. This is because your body will not be used to the exercise, thus overdoing physical activity can cause your muscles to ache for days afterward. This can naturally discourage you from continuing. Moreover, to a slow start and practical goals, having a printed workout plan that allows you to check off each completed exercise can motivate you to continue and help form a habit.
Of course, you are more likely to find exercise enjoyable if you already enjoy the exercise. For instance, listening to music can help increase your enjoyment. This applies to weight lifting, cycling, running, and even alternative sports.

Cut out baked goods that contain wheat flour

When it comes to weight loss, flour is not the main problem per se. The most influential factor is caused by the excessive use of wheat flour that has been stripped of all residual fiber, this is also the biggest source of gluten. Alternatively, favor the types that are high in whole meal content and fiber. Try our LIFE CRACKER bread, which is made of flaxseeds, plenty of fiber, almonds, and caraway seeds.
The bread tastes great on its own as well as with various spreads.

Don't forget a healthy snack on the go!

As we approach the peak travel season, a good supply of energy is a necessity for the road! No more toast, bagels, or chocolate bars. We won’t spoil the line! For sweet lovers, we have Lifebars which are sweetened only with organic quality dates and fruits. We have also thought about the advocates of salty treats, with our Rawsages made from olives or sun-dried tomatoes.