Beetroot Salad

Excellent balance between the sweetness of the beetroot and the tanginess of the celery. Perfect too as a sandwich filling.
20 minutes

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Beetroot Salad

Raw Organic Hemp Seeds Hulled

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Grate the beetroots, thinly slice the stalk of celery and the onion and coarsely chop the walnuts. Combine all the ingredients and season with salt, pepper, finely-chopped parsley and oil. Sprinkle with hemp seeds and serve with Black Olive & Sundried Tomatoes Breadsticks.

This recipe was created in cooperation with Stefania from the wonderful food blog La Tortoise.

Beetroot(s) 2
Celery 1 stalk(s)
Onion 1
Walnuts Lifefood Product to taste
Sea Salt to taste
Black Pepper to taste
Parsley to taste
Olive Oil to taste
Hemp Seeds Lifefood Product to taste
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