Superfoods - a sustainable trend?

Superfoods - a sustainable trend?

Superfoods as real vitamin bombs?

The topic of superfoods is more topical than ever and finds its place not only in the news and magazines but also at the forefront of social media. As the name suggests, "superfoods" are particularly good foods with a high nutrient density. But where do they come from and why do they bear this name?


The invention or the cultivation of the original superfoods do not go back to a few individual persons, but was practiced by a whole tribe - the Inca! The Incas are the native inhabitants of South America, who inhabited large areas in Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. For centuries, they have been known for their unique knowledge of food production, which has spread throughout the world. These foods are said to have special powers and have always been used in various ways. Their special properties make them true "all-rounders". It is not for nothing that Peru is now also known as the "Garden of Superfoods".


What exactly are superfoods?

You are probably wondering what exactly these superfoods are, and rightly so! Superfoods are particularly nutrient-rich plants that contain more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or other phytonutrients than usual. In order to distinguish these plants from others, the term "superfood" was created. This should enable everyone to recognize which plants can be particularly well integrated into the diet.

Superfoods as the perfect complement

These little powerhouses can provide perfect support to a wholesome and healthy diet. This is particularly true when pursuing a vegan diet. Indeed a varied diet is extremely important and can be additionally supported with superfoods.

Although we also have many local superfoods (sea buckthorn, blueberries, cherries, dandelion and many more), the term "superfood" is mostly used for plants of exotic origin. This is especially true for superfoods, which are available to us in the form of powder.

Where exactly can I find superfoods?

The list of these foods seems almost endless because almost all foods offer advantages and should find their place in a varied diet. But maca, barley, wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina algae and many more are considered the most powerful superfoods.


"We at Lifefood believe that every fruit and vegetable is a superfood. However, there are a number of plants whose nutrient profile is very diverse and therefore particularly valuable to our diet. Lifefood founder Tereza personally traces these secrets of nature - all over the world. That's why you can enjoy these superfoods in many of our Lifefood products - including Lifebar Superfoods."

These are excellent when you need a snack and they can help you absorb all the necessary vitamins. If you find it difficult to have fresh fruit from the organic market with you all the time or are looking for a nutritious snack during your time at work, you can choose products that already contain these Superfoods, such as the Lifebar Superfoods energy bars. These are made from ingredients such as acai berries, quinoa or guarana and are also available in 100% raw food quality, vegan and organic.

Superfoods as a long-lasting trend

Many people associate the word "trend" with an eternal "coming and going", but it is hardly appropriate with regard to these vitamin bombs. Superfoods deserve their name in any case and by their positive characteristics, this "trend" is likely to last. Especially in times of higher workload, stress or insufficient supply of nutrients by fresh food (for example during long travels or in winter), these foods find more and more room in our lives - we say: how lucky are we!

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