Invest in the Fundlift campaign and become a Lifefood shareholder

Invest in the Fundlift campaign and become a Lifefood shareholder

Become an investor, receive returns and support a sustainable company.

Take a bite of Lifefood

Do you want to become a part of Lifefood? Do you want to support the development of a company that produces high quality products and does business ethically? Become an investor!

Invest your money, get a permanent discount through e-shop and support a sustainable company

Lifefood has just launched a Fundlift campaign where it offers investors shares equal to the sum of 13 million CZK (about 510.000 EUR), as a base for financing its further business development. Everyone can become an investor, so you, as our customer, can not only receive good returns on your investment, but you can also support a company whose values are aligned with your own.

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A great product produced ethically

You know us, our products and the whole story of Tereza Havrlandova - you are probably aware of the fact that she started from nothing and built Lifefood into a world leader in the production of RAW products in ORGANIC quality. To this day, Tereza leads the company, actively participates in its operation and you can also easily meet her at a rawfood or organic food shows, where she might be offering you some new bars to taste.

Producing high quality and tasty products is very important to us, but we also care deeply about operating our business ethically. The mantra that guides all of our decisions and actions is as follows: “We care about planet Earth and relationships”. We are a member of the “Fair Company” association, we are constantly looking for environmentally friendly materials and processes, we support organic farmers and we are 100% vegan.

After years of hard work developing the business, Tereza would now like to increase the impact and expand the influence of the company - to reach more people and bring more joy to the world. To achieve this goal she opted for a different path than working with the banking sector or with large investment funds. Fundlift was therefore the first choice.

An investment for everyone - starting at 5,000 CZK (200 EUR)

So how does it all work? Compared to the stock market, it is possible to start with a relatively small investment, starting at CZK 5,000. The share of Lifefood being offered is 17.33% of the registered capital - equal to 13 million CZK (510.000 EUR). In case of huge interest the funding campaign can be increased to 25 million CZK (980.000 EUR), corresponding to 33.33% of the registered capital.

Lifebars are the bestsellers

What will the money be used for? 

The raised fundsafter covering the costs of the launch campaign will be used to repay the loan that was incurred when buying back a 49% stake in the company from a German partner and co-owner, whose management got the company into a very unstable financial situation two years ago. If case of cost increases, the funds will be used to invest in new production technologies as well as marketing. Tereza will remain the majority owner of the company even if the maximum 33.33% stake is sold to Fundlift investors, and she will continue to lead the company.

What do I get for my money? 

The investment will get you a permanent discount at our Lifefood webshop, plus other rewards. The more money you invest, the larger a discount you receive. In the long run, since you will be a shareholder of Lifefood, you can benefit from its financial success. In the longer term, you can expect profit distribution according to the invested amount and returns on the potential future sale of your shares. In the case of a forced sale (which can only occur under very specific conditions), the guaranteed minimum yield is 8% per year.

1. Investments of 5,000 - 45,000 CZK: 5% discount on all Lifefood products on our e-shop.

2. Investments of 50 000 - 100 000 CZK: permanent 10% discount on all Lifefood products on our e-shop and a Lifefood product gift package.

3. Investments 105,000 - 295,000 CZK: a permanent 15% discount on all Lifefood products on our e-shop, a gift package and a "Life is Raw" organic cotton t-shirt.

4. Investments of 300 000 - 495 000 CZK: permanent 20% discount on all Lifefood products on our e-shop, gift package and a "Life is Raw" organic cotton t-shirt

5. Investments of CZK 500,000 and more: a permanent 25% discount on all Lifefood products on our e-shop, gift package, a "Life is Raw" organic cotton t-shirt and a dinner with the Lifefood team.

Lifefood team works perfectly

Warranty and security of investment

Fundlift is a joint venture of the Roklen financial group and the Rockaway investment group. It effectively connects investors and projects that have an ambition to grow. Investing in Fundlift is a regulated activity on the capital markets. Investments are made directly through an investment broker and the whole process is regulated by the Czech National Bank. All detailed information about the project, investments and its risks can be found directly on the investment portal.

Come join us! We look forward to welcoming you to the team!


INVEST HERE (the project has an English helpline - if you are interested, give them a call +420 236 071 600 and they will help with the whole process)

OR For more info in English write us at  info @ 

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