Ice Cream Without Milk? Yes, We Can!

Ice Cream Without Milk? Yes, We Can!

Nothing belongs to summer more than ice creams! It wets your whistle, pauses the time, let us enjoy the life flow. Standard ice creams contain milk. Do vegans have to restrain from this summer delicacy then?  For sure not! And the good thinkg about it? Dairy-free ice creams can even taste better!

Glorious Sorbets

The easiest version - both to make and digest - of the popular ice treats are juicy sorbets. You can prepare them by either blending frozen fruits, or you can blend the fruits first and freeze the mixture afterwards (which would be more similar to purée). If you freeze the fruits first the outcome will more resemble the classical sorbet. However, you will need to take care of your ice cream – be sure that the fruits are frozen not too much, so it is possible to blend them. If you need to, you can add water or sweeten the mixture up with dates, yacon or agave syrup. Still do not know where to start? The go-for option for the sorbet beginners is watermelon.

Ice cream coko bananaFruity with a Banana

More classical ice cream can be also prepared based on fruits. Simply cut a banana and let it freeze (how much depends on the performance of your blender but 3 hours should be enough). You can add cacao powder to the frozen fruit and blend it together. Feeling adventurous? Update it with cinnamon, pumpkin spices or superfoods. You can find a variant of this recipe on La Tortoise blog here.


Coconut ice creamCoconuTry

Everyone knows coconut milk, which became a fully respected ingredient among not only vegan or lactose intolerant cooks. You can either buy one or better easily make your own by soaking a coconut and blending the paste until you get a smooth milky liquid, which you can use as the common cow one. If you wish to you can sweeten it with agave or yacon syrup, which, in addition to being super tasty, contains valuable probiotic cultures.


Chocolate chip iceGoing Nuts

Nuts are common and popular part of diet of many raw gourmets, so there are so many variants of raw ice creams based on nuts; you just have to mix the ingredients you find at your cupboard - try cashews, hazelnuts, almonds or macadamias as in this recipe. Simply blend them with fruits and sweeten it, if you wish. Again, you can use spices of your choice (vanilla, lemon peel) or boost its power with any of our superfoods.


Ice CreamAu latte? Yes, nutty one!

True nut milks are really delicious ingredients not only for raw ice creams. There are so many kinds of them. Did you know that poppy seed milk contains more calcium than much more known cow's milk? If you feel like adding any nut milk to your ice creams, just blend it with fruits and sweeten it.

Enjoy the summery ice creams, no matter what recipes you try!