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NEW: Rawsage – the first raw vegan sausage

Ingenious, delicious, addictive – the best description for this new Rawsage. A raw savoury snack with a devilishly exquisite taste of nuts, cherry tomatoes, herbs and spices. Rawsage will satisfy all your cravings as well as supply your body with the best nutrients possible.

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Special offer on the Raw Chef online courses

The Raw Chef shared some delicious recipes at Raw Fest earlier this month in Prague. Today The Raw Chef has a special message for all Lifefood fans:  "As a Thank you for having me at Raw Fest, I would like to offer the Lifefood & RawFest Prague community this special opportunity on the Raw Chef on-line courses: 25% off until the 30th June!

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Raw Recipes

Latest recipe: Protein drink with cacao and spirulina

Hungry? Sweet tooth? Looking for inspiration? Find the recipe that suits your mood and ingredients in your kitchen, our on-line cook book has it all. Deserts, main dishes, soups, salads, cocktails.

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