NEW: Rawsage – the first raw vegan sausage

Ingenious, delicious, addictive – the best description for this new Rawsage. A raw savoury snack with a devilishly exquisite taste of nuts, cherry tomatoes, herbs and spices. Rawsage will satisfy all your cravings as well as supply your body with the best nutrients possible.

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NEW : Cold Pressed RAW ORGANIC Pumpkin Seed Oil

Lifefood Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil is one of the most nutritious oils available. It has an delicious nutty flavour and is perfect for both sweet and salty dishes as well as cosmetics. It comes as no surprise that pumpkin seed oil has been called “pharmacy in a spoon”. Do you want your spoonful of health each day? It's as easy as clicking on our e-shop.

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Raw Recipes

Latest recipe: Protein drink with cacao and spirulina

Hungry? Sweet tooth? Looking for inspiration? Find the recipe that suits your mood and ingredients in your kitchen, our on-line cook book has it all. Deserts, main dishes, soups, salads, cocktails.

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